Thursday, 4 May 2017

Earn 1000$ Per Month

Hey Guys,

This thread is contain lots of information so give a time to read this.I assure you that after reading this thread when you get started you will make minimum 100$$ a month.

Now a days there is lots of chance to make money online from your home.You just need a internet connection , brain and little amount of work.

Ways to make money online :

PTC [Paid To Click]
GPT [Get Paid To]
CPA [Cost Per Action]
PPD [Paid Per Download]
PTL [Paid To Link]

There is other method also but we will talk later about that matter.

PTC [Paid To Click]
Definition : Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn from home. 

In this method you have to clicks on ad and you will get paid for this. It takes 2 minutes per day.[A very little time]

Sites for this :

1. Buxbuilder. Register Here Or Click on the Banner

2. clicksius. Register Here Or click on the banner

3. Clickpayouts. Register Here

Now make 5 account on like this site.
5(accounts)X $0.04 (ads/daily)= $0.20 Daily 
With 10 Accounts $0.40 Daily. 

You will get referral earning also.Once you get login there is many method to increase your click rate and referral.

If you do well then you can make 10$$ from each site per month means 50$$ from this method. Once you done this job than you can move to the other method.

PPD [Pay Per Download]
This method is about download. you can put your stuff on this site and spread your downloading link. When people download from this site you can gain 0.4$$ to 15$$ per 1 download.

Websites for this method:

1. File ice. Register Here 

2. Share cash. Register Here

3. Dengee. Register Here 

4. FileRev. Register Here  

How to earn in this website ? 
Ans : This is pay per download site..That is mean you have to upload your stuff on this website and than you have to give downloading link to people. when anyone will download your file you will get money based on the country rate. This is most effective way to earn. I am earning 100$$ a month with this.

CPA [Cost Per Action]
It is some how similar to ppd but these sites have many feature like you can lock video , website visit, exit block etc in cpa sites. Cpa sites also pay you very much depend on the country. If you have a good website which is very popular than you can add a cpa on the entry page. People who want to visit your site have to survey for to see your website and in this way you can earn money from this.

1. Cpalead. Register Here Or Click on Banner

PPC [Pay Per Click]
This site is about pay per click. In this method people will click on the link and you will get money for that you dont have to work for this. In this method there is high paying and low paying sites available in this market..
1. Register Here.

2. Chitika. Register Here Or Click On banner

3. Google Adsense. [Highest Paying BuT Difficult to get accepted]

4. Infolink. Register Here

5. Bidvertise. Rgister Here

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