Thursday, 4 May 2017

Easy Adsense Make Money


Hello, and thank you for your interest in this tutorial (guide) on how to make an easy $100 every 3 months with little investment on AdSense using YouTube. The fantastic thing about this method is the more you give the more you get, and I will show a bunch of methods to max out your revenue.

Part 1: Setting Up Our View Source

First sign up at our website, we will be using a fairly new view site - vagex. I like vagex because it’s very simple, and efficient and has made me honest revenue. If you would like to be nice to me you can sign up at my ref link, it costs you nothing and is a great way to pay me back! Make sure once your registered to view this page to earn credits. To power earn credits you can effeciantly run the Vagex Viewer, the Vagex Firefox Plugin, and Vagex on your Android. Also on your viewer make sure to add a youtube account (doesn’t have to be your main, and set it to auto favorite, comment, like, and subscribe. Once you have efficient credits keep running them on your videos, earning credits, and rinsing and repeating. Eventually youtube will email you with an offer -

Part 2: Monetizing The Video

Go ahead and go to, and choose a video you uploaded that you own 100% and will get approved for monetizing, you can cook something stupid up in windows movie maker in 10 minutes to monetize. Once it’s approved go to “My Videos” find the video you monetized and click the blue text that says “Monetized”

Now make sure both options are checked!

This will make it so there is actually video ads before your videos and you will earn more money per view, even if fake views :)


Thanks for reading! This guide should work as well as the amount of time you put into it! You could powerhouse this method and run multiple view4view sites on your videos and even try to generate some legit traffic to your videos. You could also invest in premium vagex, and add more then 5 videos. Right now my setup is similar to this:

So as you can see im running it on 5 videos with an even amount of credits. You can also run the viewer on 5 different machines at once so if you have a good vps or multiple laptops you could start owning this method. I am currently making about $2-3 a day from 5 videos, just make sure you think of more ways to own this method! Thanks for reading guys and don’t be scared to vouch on the thread.

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