Thursday, 4 May 2017

Ebay Method

What's going you guys! This is a method found by me and is not very hard!!!
 You can recieve up to a 100$ check or 150$ gift in store credit!
 Let get this started! -NeViLLa

1-First thing to do is open a eBay account, OR go to craiglist and seach for "UP Jawbone".
This is a new braclet made by Jawbone, and just recently they offered something speacial for it!
Back on topic, once you find the Up braclet on craiglist or ebay message the seller
 asking for the serial, due to that you want to check the warranty!
 This may take a few tries too by the way. So keep trying!

2-Once you finally get your serial, go to
They are offering this one time thing where if you recently bought one you get a refund!
 You can get a REAL check or in store credit for their site! So just simple fill out everything
 and wait. ENJOY! Pls do not leak,  I know this may be simple but still. Thanks! 

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