Thursday, 4 May 2017

Exploiting Sythe's Economy Guide $30 Per Day

Exploiting Sythe’s Economy
By: Lukef555

If you’re reading this you have purchased my guide on making up to 30$ a day on sythe with no work. This guide is basically a guide on taking advantage of peoples business’s and needs, so let’s get started.

-A Runescape Account (p2p)
-Starting cash (around 4$ is enough)
-A junk method (A nooby one is provided)
-A transfer method

For the first part of the guide we will be generating junk. In this guide I will provide a nooby junk method, the guide can make much more money faster if you have a better method.

Generating Your Junk:
The free junk method that comes with this guide is as follows;

-Buy a tribal mask, hammer, nails.
-Use the hammer and nails on the tribal mask and produce a tribal shield
-Repeat until you have created 10mil worth of junk.

(If you have another method use it as this method is fairly slow)

Now you have you’re junk created and its time to find a junk buyer, this is where your start money comes in. Prices for junk are as follows (as of 2010-06-16)

Stable Junk - $.30/mil
Crashing Junk - $.50/mil

If you have created stable junk it will cost you 3$ to sell your junk, you have sold your junk and now have 10mil rsgp. Now is where it gets interesting.

Now’s the good part, you started with $3.00 right? Now you have no money BUT you have 10mil rsgp, as of 6/16/10 rsgp sells for a minimum of $3.00/mil! You know what that means? You just turned your $3.00 into $30.00. If you have a better junk making method you can make much much more!!!

Why This Works:
Its very simple why this works, simply because you can pay junk buyers $.30 per mil then turn around and flip that 1 mil for $3.00 ? With more mills, you make more profit, its simple as that.

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