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F2P Skiller Guide

reetings everyone, from Rainy =)

So, this is my F2P Skiller Guide, hope you enjoy. This guide was originally created by me.

This guide will tell you how to begin, my personal favorite outfits, how to train, and what quests to do, along with some other information. Please leave me any constructive criticism! 

Hello everybody, and welcome to this special guide of mine! I have decided to make a guide on how to create and use a level three skiller. I enjoy level three skillers a lot, as they are challenging and quite fun. I've played RuneScape for the past 4 years, after my friends finally convinced me to try it. I liked it, and so I'm still here 

Hope you enjoy my guide, took me a while to create. 

Much of this guide can also be used for pures/mains or any other players. 

So to begin. First off, you must create a new username. I expect many of you know how to do this, as you probably have a main account, and if you don’t happen to have a main, I would try to play with a main account first, before you make a skiller, as it will be much harder for you in the long run. 

Anyway, choose a username that appeals to you. Please make sure that you do NOT use anything in your name such as “lvl 3 99wc” or “lvl 3 ftw.” What happens if you get bored of being a level three and you decide to get combat up? You would end up being like a level fifty with a name that says that your level three…So please refrain from using ‘leet speak’ in your name. Then again, if you're going to become a member at some point, you can always change your name. 

So now you made your account. Right away I recommend you go to the Runescape home page, then click on account management, and then scroll down and click set recovery questions. These are questions that will help JaGex (owners/developers of Runescape) to retrieve your account information in case you forget you pass or somebody changes it. I also strongly recommend putting an e-male address onto your account for security purposes also. 

Okay, now do the tutorial…fun fun…It’s easy, just follow what the Knight tells you to do. When you get to the point of choosing mining/woodcutting you can choose whichever you want, really doesn’t matter. It will automatically be leveled to 4 for you once you finish the tutorial. So when your done with that we need to get you a training bow. Beefy Bill sells all Trainer items, so go over to him and get a bow. He's in the cow field in Lumbridge over by the mill. So now you head over and do both the strongholds (Stronghold of Security and Stronghold of Player Safety. Get the 20k, some nice boots(Most skillers get Fancy/Colorful) and a pair of safety gloves, along with 2 experience lamps granting 500xp each in a skill. Use on any skill*Except combat skills!* So now you must decide what skill to begin with! 

Table of Contents: 
1. Intro 
1-1. Table of Contents 
1-2. Mining 
1-3. Mining *continued* 
1-4. Smithing 
1-5. Smithing *continued* Firemaking, Fishing 
1-6. Crafting, Woodcutting 
1-7. Runecrafting 
1-8. Runecrafting *continued* 
1-9. Outfits and Quests 
. Money Making <--- Any methods you know of would be appreciated if you shared them!


I’d completed the Quest “Doric’s Quest” before you start mining, as that will get you to 1-12 mining. After this mine 68 copper or 68 tin to get to level 15.

Also thought I’d point out that the time it takes for an ore to respawn changes depending on how many players are currently on the same server you are. So mining in worlds like 1 and 3 is best as it has a very fast ore respawn, due to the fact that there is almost always 1900+ players on the server.

Level 1-15 
Preparation: Iron + Steel pickaxes 

:.You will have to mine a combined total of 168 tin and copper to achieve level 15 (19,113gp, 427.8 Smithing experience) 
.:.:.+ Smithing experience 
.:.:.+ Faster than clay 
.:.:.- Less money 

:.-You will have to mine 483 clay for level 15 (63756 gold, 0 Smithing experience) 
.:.:.+ More money than copper/tin 
.:.:.+ Can make Soft Clay, which is great money
.:.:.- No Smithing experience 
.:.:.- Takes longer 

Level 15-30 
Preparation: Steel + Mithril pickaxes 

:.- You will have to mine 313 Iron ore to get from level 15 to level 30 (54,462 gold) 
.:.:.+ Faster if you can find empty world 
.:.:.+ You can save up to use for Steel Bars 
.:.:.- More Competition 
.:.:.- No Smithing experience 

:.-You will have to mine a combined total of 626 tin and copper to get from level 15 to level 30 (86,701gp, 1940.1 Smithing experience) 
.:.:.+ Smithing experience 
.:.:.+ Faster than clay 
.:.:.- Less money 

:.- You will have to mine 2191 clay to get from level 15 to level 30 (289,212 gold, 0 Smithing experience) 
.:.:.+ A lot of money 
.:.:.- Really Slow 
.:.:.- No Smithing experience 
(I do not recommend this method after level 15, unless you’re bored of iron/tin/copper or need money) 

Level 30-41 
Preparation: Mithril + Adamant + Rune pickaxes 

:.-You will have to mine 795 Iron ore to get from level 30 to level 41 (138,330 gold) 
.:.:.+ Fast experience 
.:.:.+ You can save up to use for Steel Bars 
.:.:.- Quite a bit competition 

:.- You will have to mine 557 Coal to get from level 30 to level 41 (118,641) 
.:.:.+ Use with Iron from previous levels to make steel bars 
.:.:.+ A lot more choices to mine it at for less competition 
.:.:.- Takes longer 
.:.:.- Less money than Iron 
(Not recommended to do purely Coal as it is slower cash and experience than Iron) 

:.-You will have to mine 206 Iron ore and 412 Coal to get from level 30 to level 41 (176,748 gold, 3605 Smithing experience) 
.:.:.+ Less boring, as you get to mine 2 different ores 
.:.:.+ More money 
.:.:.+ Smithing experience 
.:.:.- Slower than purely mining Iron 

Level 41-55 
Preparation: Rune Pickaxe 

:.-You will have to mine 3,585 Iron ore to get from level 41 to level 55 (623,790 gold) 
.:.:.+ Fast experience 
.:.:.+ You can save up to use for Steel Bars 
.:.:.- Quite a bit competition 

:.- You will have to mine 2,510 Coal to get from level 41 to level 55 (534,630 gold) 
.:.:.+ A lot more choices to mine it at for less competition 
.:.:.- Takes longer 
.:.:.- Less money than iron 
(Not recommended to do purely Coal as it is slower cash and experience than Iron) 

:.-You will have to mine 930 Iron ore and 1860 Coal to get from level 41 to level 55 (797,940gp, 16,275 Smithing experience) 
.:.:.+ Less boring, as you get to mine 2 different ores 
.:.:.+ More money 
.:.:.+ Smithing experience 
.:.:.- Slower than purely mining Iron 

:.- You will have to mine 1931 Gold ore to get from level 41 to level 55 (720,263 gold[gold ore], 281,926 god/43447.5 Smithing experience[gold bar]) 
.:.:.+ More Smithing experience 
.:.:.- Less places to mine it at low combat 
.:.:.- Best place to mine it needs 40 Crafting 
.:.:.- Less cash if you make bars 

Level 55-60 
Preparation: Rune Pickaxe 

:.-You will have to mine 3,061 Iron ore to get from level 55 to level 60 (529,553 gold) 
.:.:.+ Fast experience 
.:.:.+ You can save up to use for Steel Bars 
.:.:.- Quite a bit competition 

:.-You will have to mine 794 Iron ore and 1,588 Coal to get from level 55 to level 60 (681,252gp, 13,895 Smithing experience) 
.:.:.+ Less boring, as you get to mine 2 different ores 
.:.:.+ More money 
.:.:.+ Smithing experience 
.:.:.- Slower than purely mining Iron 

:.- You will have to mine 1648 Gold ore to get from level 55 to level 60 (614704 gold[gold ore], 240,608 gold/ 17,080 Smithing experience[gold bar]) 
.:.:.+ More Smithing experience 
.:.:.- Less places to mine it at low combat 
.:.:.- Best place to mine it needs 40 Crafting 
.:.:.- Less cash if you make bars 

:.- You will have to mine 1,339 Mithril Ore to get from level 55 to level 60 (558,363 gold) 
.:.:.+ Usually by many types of ores 
.:.:.- Slow experience 
.:.:.- Slow Spawns 
.:.:.- Less money 

:.- You will have to mine 383 Mithril ore and 1532 Coal ore to get from level 55 to level 60 (590,203 gold, 11,490 Smithing experience) 
.:.:.+ Smithing Experience 
.:.:.+ Less boring, as you get to mine 2 different ores 
.:.:.+ More Smithing experience if you Smith the bars too 
.:.:.- Slow method 
.:.:.- Some competition (as all rocks have) 

Congratulations, you have reached 60 Mining and can enter the Mining guild located underneath Falador. By now you should have quite a bit of knowledge in the skill of mining. Here are the experience each ore gives you, incase you haven’t been paying much attention to the experience. 

Now you can either go into the Mining Guild and mine the coal/mith there and do whatever with it, or you can continue power mining Iron for experience.

Level | Item | Experience Gained 
1-----Rune Essence--5
30-----Pure Essence--5------Members only


Smithing is like Mining’s sister. You can’t do Smithing unless you have ores, and to get ores you need to mine. So to start of Smiting, buy a redberry pie, and 2 iron bars. You’ll also need a pickaxe, and a few pieces of food. So go start the Knights Sword quest by talking to the Squire in the White Knight Castle in Falador. He’ll say speak to Reldo, so go to Varrock library and talk with Reldo. He’ll say some stuff about the dwarfs, and say they really love Redberry pie. Good thing you have one So go over to Port Sarim with your pie, and keep going South to a peninsula. Talk to Thurgo, the dwarf. Ask if he wants a redberry pie, and he’ll take it and eat it, then the conversation ends. Talk to him again and ask him to make you a sword. He will say to get a picture of it. Go to the Squire again and talk with him about the picture, then go upstairs and search the knights cupboard for a picture. The knight CANNOT be in the room when you search the cupboard. So go back to Thurgo with the picture, 2 iron bars, and a pickaxe and some food. He’ll say he needs 2 iron bars and some special ore. 
He will then say the ore is located in the cave by his house. So go down there, past the Muggers, past the Pirates, past the Hobgoblins, and then reach the Ice Warriors. There will be some blurite ore down there. Mine some and go back to Thurgo. He’ll take the supplies and make the sword. Go return it to the Squire and achieve 29 Smithing! To get 2 Swords so you can keep one for yourself, just give him the supplies for him to make one, receive the sword, drop it, then give him supplies again(requires 2 blue rite ores and 4 iron bars) So now just smith a few iron bars and make it into scimitars or something to get level 30. Now when your level 30, you can make steel. You need 2 coal and 1 iron for 1 steel bar. Make a bunch of steel bars, then just keep Smithing the best thing you can, then sell it. Keep doing this until level 50. Now you can make Mithril bars.

So this takes 4 coal and 1 iron. Keep on smelting and Smithing away! I’d stick with steel though, as it is faster than Mithril, and takes less coal, plus you make profit. 


So with all those logs you saved while woodcutting, time to put them to use! From1-15 do regular logs, 15-30 do oaks, 30+ do willows. You can switch to maples if you feel like it, as they are faster, however they are a tad bit more expensive. I use either the Grand Exchange or Fist of Guthix. If you use Fist of Guthix, use a world with no one in it. 

1-15 takes 61 normal logs.
15-30 takes 183 oak logs.
30-45 takes 535 willow logs.
30-60 takes 2,894 willows.
45-60 will be 1,573 maple logs.
30-99 is a whopping 144,679 willow logs!
45-99 takes 96,096 maples.
If you plan on wasting your money on yew logs it shall take you 63,016 yew logs from 60-99.


Alright, so you want to start Fishing now? Alright, I can help you out here. Head over to good ol’ Draynor with a small net and fish 39 shrimpies to achieve level 5. From 5-20 use a fishing rod with fishing bait there and Lure some fish. This will not get an accurate reading if I said fish 100 sardines, because you will soon be able to catch herring too, and I cannot control when you catch a herring or a sardine, so it messes it all up. Anyway from 20+ Fly Fish using feathers and a Fly Fishing Rod in Barbarian Village to catch trout and salmon. This is the fastest fishing experience in F2P. You could try lobsters when your 60+, and you could try tuna/swordfish at 70+. The only place for lobster and swordfish is Karajama, and there’s no bank there for F2P. If you do fish here, bank at the Deposit Box next to the Port Sarim Entrana Monks. Don’t forget to cook all your fishies!

I'd fish in busy worlds like 1 or 3 because there's always people there that are making fires and begging for food. So just fish a full inventory of trout/salmon, cook it on a fire someone made, and then trade it to some pure that needs food for training in the Security Stronghold (Minotaurs and flesh crawlers are great experience for pures.)


Okay, well best way for low level training is leather crafting. Obtain as many leathers as you can, a needle, and a lot of thread. From level 1-7 craft 48 leather gloves. From 7-9 do 20 leather boots, from 9-11 do 22 cowls, from 11-14 do 35 vambraces, from 14-18 do 57 leather bodies, and from 18-28 do 271 leather chaps. An alternative from 16-28 is 162 holy symbols. To make holy symbols get a holy symbol mould and some silver bars, then head over to Al Kharid furnace with the silver and mould in your inventory. Use the silver on the furnace, and select the holy symbol. Now at level 28, buy 2,586 hard leathers. Craft hard leather bodies until level 50. From 50-63 make 5,091 tiaras, using the same method you used for holy symbols. Now from 63-99 the best option is 241,254 tiaras, and it will take you to 99. You could also craft 361,881 hard leather bodies. 

Gold rings are very good also. Currently a gold bar is around 115gold and a gold ring is around 300gp. They require 5 crafting to make and they give 15 experience each. So that’s 405 experience an inventory. It takes just over a minute to do one run (At Al Kharid) so that turns out to be about 55 trips per hour, which is equal to 22k experience and a profit of 275k per hour! Amazing!

Note: Gold rings are now no longer good. They won’t sell in the G.E.


Alright this is very simple…just bare with me! So go get some hatchets and start swinging away! From level 1-15 cut regular trees, while banking every one of them. Then from 15-31 do oaks, while still banking. The reason I say 31 is because you can use an adamant hatchet, which will make it go by quicker. So now your stuck with willows….for a long time…From 31-60 you can cut willows at Port Sarim as it is the best place. Bank these using the Deposit Box on the Port Sarim dock, next to the Monks of Entrana. You can keep cutting them past 60, and it’s highly recommended because cutting yews at level 60 is way too slow to make good experience. If you just want money go ahead, but it will be really slow money. I would stick with willows until 80, but 75 at the least. Then you can go cut some yews. Best place for yews is Edgeville, the Grand Exchange, Falador over by the Air alar, and my personal favorite is the three yew trees over by the Lumber Mill in Varrock. So chop em till you hearts desire has been fulfilled. 

1-15 = 97 regular logs. 
15-30 = 332 oaks. 
30-60 = 3858 willows.
30-99 = 192,905 willows. 
60-99 it takes 72,919 yews. 

Another great method that I personally used on my skiller from 60-70 is cutting willows at Port Sarim like I said, but also cut the Yew tree that’s just north of the willows. Whenever the yew is cut down, run over to willows and cut them until the yew comes back. Great method, I made over 600k doing this from 60-70.


Oh joy…Runecrafting. Everybodies favorite skill in F2P…Well this is gonna be a long while of boredum and training for you. So anyway, first off we must get to 50 Runecrafting! I find that the best way to train Runecrafting in F2P is air runes. The altar is very near the bank so it is quick. Anyway what I think works the best is making 7,445 air runes to get you to 40 Runecrafting. So go and mine or buy 7,445 regular rune essence and craft away! The air altar is located by Gertrudes House, in Western Varrock. There are some crumbling ruins there that say “mysterious ruins.” Use an air talisman on the ruins to go into the altar. You can also wear a air tiara to access it. Or if you have 50 Runecrafting you can use a talisman staff. Anyway once your inside the altar, click on the circular table like thing inside to craft the runes. 
You must have regular rune essence in your inventory to make the runes. Once your level 40 you can continue crafting airs normally with regular rune essence, or you can make air taras! To make an air tiara you must use an air talisman on the altar where you normally craft the runes. You must have a air talisman and a regular tiara to make them. So go and obtain 2,565 air talismans, and 2,565 regular tiaras. If you do not want to make tiaras then you can stick with rune essence and make airs. To get 40-50 making airs, you will need 12,822 essence. Congratulations on level 50! Now you can go to the Runecrafting Guild, which is located on the second floor of the Wizard Tower in Draynor. Go there and through the portal and learn how to play the Runecrafting game, The Great Orb Project. So keep on play the Great Orb Project, or “GOP” as most people call it. You can get some nice rewards from it, like essence, talismans, and even some nice robes! However, if you obtain 10,000 tokens, you can get a talisman staff. 

The staff can then be used on a Runecrafting altar with the right talisman, will create a staff that has the talisman on it, allowing you to access that altar. So if you get a staff, a air talisman and head over to the air altar, and use the staff on the altar and select the option “staff” you bind the talisman onto the staff. The staff does not require any attack or strength levels to wield it. 

So back to training. You can keep crafting air runes if you would like, or you can move onto bodies or fires. Bodies are the best experience in F2P, but they don’t make much money and stuff. The body altar is located over by Barbarian village. Use Edgeville to bank. The fire altar is located in the Al Kharid desert, over by the Duel Arena. Use the Duel Arena to bank. Keep on training using this method for as long as desired.

If you don’t want to do airs then you should do earths. I’ve heard that you can profit of them nowadays.

That is all the skills that level three F2P players can do without gaining combat. So now, I shall explain some nice outfits you can wear. 


So as a level three with one Defence, your options are fairly limited. My favorite outfit is a strength amulet [t], fancy boots, a training bow or talisman staff(I personally wear the Magnifying Glass from the ClueFest event) and a full set of Runecrafters robes. Some people like to wear regular blue wizard robes, or sometimes monk robes with a wizard hat. A lot of people prefer to wear random event clothing, such as lederhosen from the freaky forester random, or a prince outfit with a frog mask from the frog prince/princess random. My favorite event clothing outfit is: Lederhosen Hat, Zombie Legs, Mime Shirt. It’s pretty ownage =D
 If you are rich enough, you could go for a nice h’ween mask, or maybe a nice Santa Hat. Now if you are really rich, you could also don one of those pretty and famous multicolored party hats! Now party hats are very expensive items, so of course you will be highly honored if you have one. You will also get a lot of players following you asking if that’s your Party Hat or if you borrowed it from another player, and if you didn’t then they will ask to borrow it. 
You can choose whatever you desire as long as you can wear it. 


There is not many quests that a level three F2P player can do. However the quests you can do are: 

There has been a rework of a few F2P quests, so some give different rewards now, sorry for any incorrect information. If someone could provide me with the proper reward that would be wonderful! 

Goblin Diplomacy: Crafting experience and a gold bar 

The Knights Sword: Gives you around 12,000 Smithing experience, bringing you from level 1-29 

Sheep Shearer: Small amount of Crafting experience and like 80gp. 

Black Knights Fortress: 2,000 gold. 

Demon Slayer: Silverlight sword 

Cook’s Assistant: Small amount of Cooking experience and access to Lumbridge Cooking Range.

Ernest the Chicken: New reward, don’t remember what it is.

Pirates Treasure: A few gems and some jewelery. 

Prince Ali Rescue: Access to Al Kharid free of charge through the toll gate. 

Romeo and Juliet: Only 5 quest points:) 

Rune Mysterious: Access to rune essence mine and ability to Runecraft^_^ 

Shield of Arrav: Some gold. 

Doric’s Quest: 1.3k Mining experience:D 

That’s all the quests a F2P skiller can do. 

Tanning leather: Get some cowhides and have the Al Kharid tanner tan them for you for 1gp each. 

Skilling: Doing skills to make you money. I'd recommend Mining. Runecrafting makes a great profit once you hit 44 for airs, then at 50 you make a lot more from The Great Orb Project by exchanging your tokens for Essence/Talismans. 

Pick your favorite skill and try to find a moneymaking method for it. For example, my favorite skill is Woodcutting. Woodcutting can be very profitable whilst cutting yews, but the only bad part is you need a decent level for them, preferably 70+.

Steel Bars: Requires 30 Smithing. 
Buy as much coal and iron as you can. You need twice as much coal as you do iron. So for every iron you get, double that amount for coal. So 200 coal/100 iron. 
Head on over to Al Kharid once you have your ores, and smelt them all into steel bars. This is a decent method, not sure about specifics, but you can easily get 100k profit an hour, with decent Smithing experience.

Merchanting: Not very easy to do as F2P, but still possible. Around 1m+ is best to start with. Not going into specific’s, I’m not a very good mercher. However, just follow this....NEVER, and I mean NEVER merch with a merching clan. The leader and a few close friends always dump early making them gain profit whilst making you lose your money. 

Running Airs: People trade you 25 noted rune essence in return for 25 unoted essence. Also gives you around 1-2k gold. A newer method of this is the request assistance system. You bring your rune essence to the altar, request somebody with 90+ Runecrafting their assistance and then craft the runes. You don’t gain the experience, but you make a lot more runes. Say someone had 99 Runecrafting and you got their assistance. You would then make 10 air runes per essence. So with 28 essence, that’s 280 air runes. 

Gold Bars: Explained in the Crafting section.

These are nice ways to make some money. If you have any other good methods please share them with me and I will add them in here! (with credit going to you of course) 

Well this concludes my guide. It’s not much, but I hope it will help you. I will be updating it so it looks nicer once I have time! Well please leave some positive feedback for me.

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