Thursday, 4 May 2017

Get Pins Guide

Part 1:
1. First of all, create a female WLM account on
(Example: „
2. Log in to the account using Windows Live Messenger. (Download link:
3. Change your display name to something girly. (Example: „Sarah (L)?)
4. Use a display picture of a hot girl (about 18-20 years old). Not too hot or people won?t believe you?re a real person.
5. Change your font and text color to something girly. (Example: „Comic Sans MS? – pink)
Part 2:
1. Register on a teen chat website. (Example:
2. Go to the most popular chat room(s).
3. Make sure people add you by saying things like: “I?m an 18 year old girl looking for someone to talk to, add me on msn: ...”
4. Accept everyone who adds you on WLM.
5. Try to figure out where they live. (You?ll need this to activate the PIN!)
6. After you „get to know them better?, ask if they want to see a webcam show.
7. Ask them what their cellphone number is and tell them to text „HD? to the number of their country and send you the code. (You can find out what the number of their country is by changing your country when upgrading your RuneScape account and selecting the „SMS? option.)
8. Write the PIN down, don?t lose it.
Part 3:
1. Instead of blocking and/or removing him, just say the code doesn?t work.
2. Try to convince him to send another text message.
3. If anyone stops believing you and you can?t convince him anymore, just block and remove him.

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