Thursday, 4 May 2017

How To Get 5000 Youtube Video View In 5 Days

How to get 5.000 YouTube Video Views in 5 Days!

Step 1) Enhanceviews.
- Register at
- Click on Earn Free Credits.
- Complete everything till you earn 10.000 credits.
- Auto Watch videos, View + Comment, Fav,Comment, Like,Subscribe etc etc.
- To get this approved will take from 1 hour up to 12 hours.
Got 10.000 credits?
Go To Redeem Credits.
- Click on Youtube Video and Channel Views. 
- Enter your YouTube video link, Check the box, Views desired select 210. 
- Click on Redeem Credits.
- Click on Auto-Generated Comments and Video Likes.
- Enter your YouTube Video link, Number of comments enter 15, Don't enter any comment type just make sure you check the box "Add Likes".
- That's all for EnhanceViews.

Step 2)
- Register at
- Click on Earn Free Credits and Download the Vagex Viewer.
- Open it and leave it open till you get 1.000 credits.
- Once you got 1.000 credits go to Add New Video > Enter Keyword/Video Name: > YouTube Video URL > Receive Likes? (1 Credit) No.
Receive Subscribers? 
(only enable this on one video) (1 Credit) No. 
Receive Favourites? (1 Credit) No. 
Receive Comments? (5 Credits) No.
Allocate Credits: 1.000
- Click on Add.
- That's all for Vagex.

Step 3)
- Register at
- Once you registered click on Download and Install u2bViews. It's at the top of the page.
- Click on Earn Credits.
- Leave it open till you earn 700 Credits.
- Once you are done click on My Videos.
- Video ID: Enter Your YouTube Video URL.
- Views to Assign: Select 700.
- Click on Add Video.
That's all for u2bViews.

Step 4)
- Register at
- Once you registered download Viewet Viewer.
- Once you Downloaded and Installed Viewet viewer login to your account and click on Earn Credits.
- Leave it oepn till you earn 1.000 credits.
- Once you are done click on My Videos.
- Click on Submit a Video.
- Enter your YouTube Video URL.
- Click on Next Step.
- Click on Refresh then click on Submit.
- You can find your video at "My Videos".
- Select your video and click on Manage Credits In Selected.
- Amount: Select 1.000 and click Deposit Credits.
- That's all for Viewet.

Step 5)
- Go to
- In New Paste put your YouTube Video URL.
- Scroll down and find Paste Name / Title.
- Make sure your Paste Name is something interesting so more people view it.
- Repeat the process. Do this 5 times. (Create 5 Pastes) with cool names.
- That's all for Pastebin.

Step 6)
- I'm pretty sure all of you have Facebook Account.
- So login to your facebook account and find few POPULAR Fan pages like.
Lady Gaga
Justin Bieber
Texas Holdem Poker
etc etc..
- Post your video URL on their wall.
- Post your video on their latest posts. (3-4 latest posts).
- Post your video in Reviews tab.
- Post your video in Discussions tab.
That's all about Facebook. :)

Using this methods my video in 5 days got around 3.800 views.

I've uploaded few more videos and boosted em with this method and they got around 1.000 - 1.500 views 
in few days. (I didn't use Step 5 and Step 6 + I added around 700 views in total from 

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