Thursday, 4 May 2017

How To Make Money Via $hare Cash


Tools needed for making money with $hareCash:

1,) A working internet connection.
2,) A $hareCash account (Sign up here: ) - Please use my link as a thank you for this guide as it took quite some time to compile.
3,) A YouTube account.
4,) A forum account. This can be for anyforum in which accepts signatures. Mostly MyBB forums accept signatures. 
5,) A Facebook account with friends/groups on it.
6,) A willingness to learn how to make money.
7,) A account on 

Making money using forums:

Firstly, to make money off forums you will need to find a forum which will allow you to change your signature. This is a simple process, and can be found by clicking on your User Control Panel. This can be found in your profile. And usually on the right left hand side is Signature. Click that. Now we need to change your signature. Here is an example of how your signature will look using this code.


[URL=]Make Money: $2 or more per day with your signature!![/URL]

Example: Make Money: $2 or more per day with your signature!!

Now you won't see this in this text document. But the example should be a clickable link. As the URL is the link to your thread this will re-direct people to your thread which you can explain how to make money, how the process pays you ie: paypal, liberty reserve, alert pay or which ever other means it pays.

Now, we need to make a thread about how to make money via $harecash. All you really have to do is mention the above steps that I have showed you. Also, make sure you put your download link in the thread. This might get you even more downloads. Which means, more downloads = MORE money.

Other forums you can use are as follows.

All are pretty big forums, and you should get quite a few downloads from each of them. Easily $10 per month. Maybe even more. 

You don't have to just use hacking forums like I have posted above, you can find any forum. Fishing, monetizing, or even cake decorating! No-one has rules as to where you can put your link. (Only the forum admins do).

Making money from Youtube videos:

Firstly, you'll need to grab yourself a Gmail account (Google Mail) is the site you need to sign up on. Once you've created a gmail account, go onto youtube and create a account there. 

Okay, so we have both accounts setup, now you're going to need to make a video. here is a few things that will work well to get you video views, and downloads.

(Please note. These are NOT actual working programs, these are fake programs.)

xbox live code generators 
runescape points generators
facebook hacking tools
myspace hacking tools

ect ect.. You catch my drift.

Once you have one of these programs use Camtasia to record your desktop while using one. Upload your video, make sure you add ALOT of tags for your video this is how you will get your video seen and obviously more views = more downloads.

A few ways to get views on your videos is via forums, facebook, e-mail, friends, msn, yahoo, or any instant messaging tools.

There is a couple of websites you can use which will give you views (Credits) for viewing other peoples youtube videos. Here is a couple of links.

Both have programs where you can download and automatically view videos. Just leave your computer on over night to get some serious views. Once you have enough views put in your youtube link and you will automatically get views, this will NOT give you 10k views over night. But you could get 300+ This all helps to get your video noticed, and the more views you have the higher up on the list you will go and more chance of people seeing your video.

Upload as many videos as you can, and get views for each video. The more uploaded videos you have the more chance you have of actually getting them viewed.

Making money via the download exchange:

The first step is to get yourself signed up at if your not already, as that's where we will be uploading our files. It only takes 2 seconds.

Then once you've done that you need to get yourself signed up here. After you've finished log in and then you will be provided with ShareCash links that have been posted by other members.

To post your own link you need 2 points, unless you post it as featured which is explained below. You earn points by downloading other members files, so to get started you need to click on the download button on your userpage. You are then shown the ShareCash surveys, simply fill one in and the download will automatically start (providing you use valid details in the survey). Inside the file is a unique code which you use to verify the download, simply paste it into the box provided hit submit and wallah you earn yourself 1 point! You earn 1 point for every download you successfully complete.

You can of course post your link as featured instead, whereby instead of using any points you pay a very small fee. As mentioned you don't need any points & each featured link can recieve between 5 & 20 downloads. Featured links are a great way to boost your earnings even more.

Now, whether you plan on posting a free link or posting a featured one the process is the same, you simply click a button & a text file will be created for you containing a unique code which you upload to ShareCash. Copy the mirror link to the file & post it here and your all set to earn! The link will be displayed to other members to download so you will start earning right away!

Now the key to seeing big earnings is to actively download & post links, we have no limit on the amount of links you can post and in fact we encourage you to post as many as you can, to earn as much as you can! 

It's as simple as that.. This method will be making YOU money daily! It's simple to join, and simple to do.. Enjoy!

Much <3

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