Thursday, 4 May 2017

Make Money Online 60$ Per Day

I n t r o d u c i o n
How to earn over 60$ - ultimited a month.

Thank you for purchasing the guide, and I hope and I am sure you will benefit from it.

Have fun reading and earning.



Step # 1
With what program are we going to work?

  We are going to work with the website called FocalPrice (www.focalprice)
FocalPrice is a sales websites, it sells almost everything, gadgets, equipment, lasers, fun stuff, weird stuff, clothes, and much and much more.. You can browse and maybe buy something!

Lets begin...
First of all, you will ask me/yourself, how are we going to receive money from a sales website ?! That's simple... promotion of the website.

No, it's not about referals, not about PTC or any kind of shit.

1. Register to
2. Go here:
3 You will see 2 sections.
One is for promotion
Second is the same, but instead of money, you receive points and you can buy also things. But the guide concer the first step, which I'm going to explain about it right now.

4 Look at the first step and click 'Contact Us'.
Contact Name:
Your name (whatever you want)
Contact Email: Put your email (You will need it)
Where would you like to promote?
Depends on you.. Where you want to promote, if both click both, if not.. click one of them of your choice.
Are you a power member of established BBS/forum?
What is the BBS and your username, please:
BBS: Website/forum name/link.
BBS Account: Your nickname in the Website/Forum.
Your Remarks:
Just write something, how good you are, how you will help them, how you love FocalPrice..
6. Press "Submit"
7. Later, under 24 hours, an e-mail from FocalPrice will be sent to your email.
8. Go to your hot forums, where there are alot of users, go to the correct section where you can post promotion about FocalPrice (items, "your purchases", how good FocalPrice, etc...)

9. The e-mail they will send will include a table where you must put your report.

1 view - 0.01
1 post - 0.02

You do 2-3 threads. Each thread gets nearly 100-2000 views and alot of posts.. Depends on the attraction of the thread name, do something creative.
At every month, at the 5 day of each month (example: 2011/05/05) send them the report, and on the 10 day you will receive the payment to your paypal.

Depends on how much you work.. No need to do almost anything, just post some threads and keep them alive, more views, more replies, more money! That's so simple!
Post 3-4 threads in 5-6+ communities, get ALOT ALOT ALOT of money.
You might get over 500$ in a month if you promote much.. FocalPrice are dumb and they don't care if you use hacks/what ever.

Made by Sauron and copyrighted by Sauron/eulfen
No stealing

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